Who is Ottoville Lumber?

Ottoville Lumber Yard

The History of the Ottoville Lumber Co. 1906-2024

In 2021, the Lumberyard changed hands again, this time to Tim Kramer who is working to modernizing the company while still providing the same expert knowledge and friendly customer service that the Ottoville area has come to know and expect!

Frank Schulien and Alphonse Roth partnered to establish Schulien and Roth Lumber. Together they worked the business until April on 1917 at which time they sold the business to Robert Hixon and Associates. He changed the name from Schulien and Roth Lumber to Robert Hixon Lumber and then The Hixon - Peterson Lumber Co. With their Toledo-based locations growing they decided to sell off some of their smaller yards. At that time Thomas J Archdeacon who was the manager of the Ottoville yard purchased this location as well as the inventory from the Continental OH branch that was closing. Tom and his wife Agnes completed the purchase in March 1959 and renamed the business The Ottoville Lumber Company. Tom and Agnes owned and worked the business until Tom's death in May 1993 at which time Agnes decided to sell. She offered it to then yard manager and son-in-law Bill Looser Jr and his wife Cathy. Together they purchased the yard and merged their business, Custom Moulding, with the Ottoville Lumber Co and have grown and expanded thus making their business ownership an enjoyable, profitable journey for 28 years.


A history of building Ottoville, piece by piece.

Ottoville Lumber Company